Thursday, September 30, 2010

Social marketing gurus reveal how to go on a Digital Marketing Blitz

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Facebook Marketing that Connects

Here's a testimonial video on how some brands have used Facebook effectively as a marketing tool. It seems that social media marketing is an evolving discipline where I believe you will only learn by doing.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Richard Branson: Five Secrets to Success

Here's a great article Richard Branson made on his 5 Secrets to Success. My Favorite is number 5 which I will copy below:

A good leader does not get stuck behind a desk. I’ve never worked in an office – I’ve always worked from home – but I get out and about, meeting people. It seems I am traveling all the time but I always have a notebook in my back pocket to jot down questions, concerns or good ideas.

I quoted this because I do work from home and I'll take this as a positive sign. And, yes, I do try to get and and about and this has worked somewhat but you really do need the numbers if you are not Richard Branson - meaning for every 100 people you meet 5 will hear you out and only 1 may move forward. I kid you not it is difficult as I am going through the process as I speak. I blog about it so one day I can look back and say "It was difficult but I did it". Yup, I do believe that I will make it.

Just to continue a quote from the article:

When you’re building a business from scratch, the key word for many years is “survival.” It’s tough to survive. In the beginning you haven’t got the time or energy to worry about saving the world. You’ve just got to fight to make sure you can look after your bank manager and be able to pay the bills. Literally, your full concentration has to be on surviving.
Obviously, if you don’t survive, just remember that most businesses fail and the best lessons are usually learned from failure. You must not get too dispirited. Just get back up and try again.

I must persevere I guess, and I will...I must!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Interesting Articles I Found

I have been quite busy lately so I haven't been able to read most articles I have opened. This is why I am posting the links here for future reference:

1. 10 Inspiring Non-Traditional Work Spaces
2. BMW vs. Audi: The Best Media Plan on Four Wheels
3. The 5 Types of Influencers on the Web
4. The Decline: Geography of a Recession - I just found this really cool

Experiment to Drive Traffic #1

JACQUES: The Sports Issue, Trailer 2. from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

I found this great video on one of the Tumblr accounts I follow. It's somewhat erotic so this is for audiences 18 and older. How is this related to digital marketing? I want to see if this will drive additional traffic to my blog.

Monday, September 20, 2010

More pictures from an empty condo (my room)

Just really sad to go. It's going to be an empty space where nobody would probably live in it for a while. Ours is not the only unit which is vacant. Goes to show the excesses in this world. I wonder how many condos, apartments and houses our without people to live in it. I remember in my old village there's easily about five houses which are technically abandoned.

Happy Cutlure Leads to Profits

I've always hypothesized that happy employees would be a conduit for a profitable company. Now, I've found a good case study for that and this is Zappos. Based on an article from Yahoo their CEOs guiding principle is happiness "When you enjoy what you do and where you work, great thing will happen." This quote comes for Tony Hsieh thier 36 year old CEO. I think this is a wonderful principle since I've been part of the rat race and that's not exactly a happy place to be at. Very few people are happy and passionate about their work. I also believe that a few of the people who say this are even lying to themselves.

I find it sad that people who have the resources and ability to create businesses don't follow this principle. I know and have met a lot of entrepreneurs here in the Philippines and it seems that profit is the priority. Pay low wages earn more for the company. But time and again I have seen case studies where your focus is the customer and employee, the profits will automatically come. The two companies which come to mind is Amazon and now Zappos.

Here's the article from Yahoo.  .

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Moving Out After 1 1/2 years

This blog started it's life as a personal blog and my earlier entries were mostly about, what else, but personal stuff. Since one of my first entries was about moving in to this condo I just felt it was appropriate to blog about me leaving. You can check out my blog entry about moving in here. I moved in here May 2009 and spent 1 and a half years having the convenience of living at the heart of  the business district. Hopefully I'll be back in a few months but in the meantime I'll have a 50km commute to Makati or longer if my meeting is somewhere else.

It's just sad to see an empty space. Here pictures of my old room (I transferred rooms around June this year):

Here's picture of my new room.
My view when I wake up. It's blocked by a seat which I sit in when I talk on my mobile phone.

Here's my room as I was packing up.

Here's some pictures of my fantastic view which I will miss dearly.

Since the mid 90s I have lived in 6 homes and since 2007 I've been staying in a place for just a year (this condo being 1.5yrs). The only sure thing is change as they say and for every ending there will be a beginning.

Video That Went Viral is Now a Commercial

Here's the original video that got 2.5M hits on YouTube:

Here's the TV Commercial from KFC Philippines:

The commercial currently has 27,419 hits (Sept 17, 9:05pm)

Great job on KFC to take advantage of the popularity of the viral video. Nice to see brands acknowledging the online medium by taking something that went viral on the web and taking it to TV.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation

The web is indeed changing the world and it's making learning from each other much easier. The ideas about crowd collaboration and innovation is certainly not new but this talk made me more aware how internet and web video enables people to learn from each other.

With the shortage of teachers here in the Philippines I think web enabled learning and interaction can help the education system here. I think it's just a matter of creating a new system of learning and placing the correct infrastructure. I'll definitely put this on my bucket list.

21 Creative Blogger Bio Pages

Here's a nice collection from of creative bio pages by bloggers. They are mostly web designers which is why these pages really look great. I'll probably get some inspiration from these site when I create my own website.

Here's the link.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Interesting Articles on the net this week

1. Following the Social Media Advertising Boom -
2. Why Executives Hate Social Media
3. Meet the YouTube Stars Making $100,000 Plus Per Year -

I incidentally met a potential client who specifically asked about social media marketing. As is always the case, they know how to set it up but they can't seem to find the time to do it. Someday though, depending on how all of this social media marketing pans out. It might be worth it for company's to have their internal digital team. On agency stand point we have to price social media management lower than the cost of hiring a person to handle their requirements. I think this will work for smaller brands but big brands must really start embracing social media by getting people to handle just that.

Another trend I see coming is online videos. Whether it be via YouTube, UStream, Live Stream, etc. more and more people are watching on the net. I think we better watch out for these trends.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Philippines #4 Facebook Users in The World

Based on a chart from this article the Philippines is #4  top users of Facebook in the world with 14.6M users representing almost 17% of the population. The chart also says that we are in the top 10 growth countries in the world with an almost 5% change.

I'd just like to note that in May 2009 there were only 3 - 4M users in the Philippines. To further put things into perspective there is an estimated 25 - 30M internet users here. Facebook accounts for almost half of the internet users.

We got ourselves a game!!!

I placed this commercial to inspire people (and me too)....20pts down, 10minutes left...we don't give up. We win by 2! Champions!!! - That was a real scenario by the way.

Passion has a funny way of trumping logic!!