Saturday, May 16, 2009

Settling in...

After two weeks here in Makati I finally fixed my stuff. I initially had to stay in a room with my brother but last week I got to move in to m own room. I really took my time before I organized my things since I knew I would have to change rooms again. This would actually be my first weekend here in Makati so now I'll try to really settle in. Here's some pics of the after and before (since I'm still getting used to this blogging thing - I still don't know how to format this damn blog).

Admittedly the after pics don't look to be an improvement but due to lack of space I really place stuff on my bed. I also organized some books on the shelf...easy to read feel good type of books. Nothing to heavy for me. I've read them all before but I really like the short stories there. Depending on where you are in your life you will always fine these stories relevant.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Living it out on the web....

I recently moved from Philam in QC to the heart of Makati. This is the first time I technically changed address since I was born - technically since I lived in in 5 different houses there since the late 90s so Philam was the only place I've lived in since I was born.

It's now my 2nd week here in Makati and I don't think I am quite adjusted to the life here yet. I have no cable TV yet...thus I live out in the net. I have wifi so I'm connected almost 24/7 - the first and the last thing I do is look in the internet. I surf at the usual suspects: FB which I'm kinda getting bored with, Twitter which is getting more interesting as I follow it, and the sports and news updates from yahoo, philstar and other news sites.

What I really appreciate though is not having to go through the daily grind of edsa. I used to wake up around 5:30 - 6am to leave QC before 7 just to avoid the worst of the morning traffic. In the afternoon, if I don't get to leave before 6 in the office I'd have to prepare myself to the nightmare of edsa traffic going back to QC. Here I wake up at 7am....take my sweet time and arrive at the office fresh at around 8 - 8:30. I don't feel the pressure to rush home since it's just a 10 - 15 minute walk back home.

It's just a little loney though that I have a lot of extra time and I don't have enough stuff to do...and I don't want to spend the extra time working. That would just suck!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My not so recent travels...

My friend recently bought a Canon G10 and is quite interested in photography. I actually advised him just to proceed to buy a DSLR but he obviously decided against it. When you have a nice camera the best way to make use of it is to travel. Because he just bought a camera, I was inspired to post pictures of my recent travels abroad. These are posted on my Facebook and Multiply sites but I felt it would be nice to post some here.

Singapore 2008

Here's picture of my motel room, yes it is a motel. I chose the cheapest room I could get on the internet and I got this for about Php6,000 2 nights. Not bad really, except it was on the seedy side of Singapore. The hookers were literally line-up on the streets outside the motel...there was literally about 200 of them on the streets. I am not sure if they were line up according to how they look but the better looking one were the first one on the line.

Bangkok Jan 2009

I went to Bangkok Jan 1 - 4 to start the new year right. Stayed with friend and just had a grand time wasting time via masages and trying to see a few Bangkok landmarks.