Friday, January 13, 2017

Some things I just find cool: La La Land

We watch movies for entertainment value, it's a time where you suspend your reality and accept the imaginings of the writer or director of the movie. A movie to a certain extent expands your experience in life, it involves you in the characters you watch making you feel what they are going through. I decided to write about La La Land because I felt it made me experience the beautiful art of movie making which I don't often notice because I get too engrossed in the story or I just don't care. But this movie made me look.

From the way the camera panned during a scene or during a dialogue from the murals used as the background. Everything had been placed there for a reason. The combination of the visuals, the music, and dancing made a lot for the entertainment value. While I saw criticism online about the choice of actors, I felt the choice was both for the box office success and the undeniable chemistry Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling had. More talented actors with better voices and dancing chops may not have the rapport these actors had on screen.

The movie is an ode to old Hollywood and has that innocence of the era, but shows some new age couple issues. My favorite scene was when Mia, Emma Stone's character was looking for Seb in the movie theater. The movie projectors light showed Mia's face while an old Hollywood film was showingin the background. The dreamy musical sequences divide the romance and the reality. Where there were troubles music was just on the background and the musical was used to uplift the audience.

Maybe it's just another love story of dreamers in Hollywood. But the movie was artfully done. Colorful costumes and murals with LA as a backdrop and Jazz giving it the rhythm.