Monday, December 23, 2013

JWT Intelligence: 10 Trends for 2014

Infographic: The Selfie Syndrome

The #Selfie Syndrome - Is Social Media Making Us All Narcissistic? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Inforgraphic: 2013 in social media

A review of some social media statistic on 2013. Taken from

Five surprising things that will happen in the next five years

This post taken from Sploid.

I'll just post the the video of the 1st of the five they listed since this video is related to the startup I'm doing. You can look at the rest of the list here.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Gadget Collection 2013

Four years ago I took a picture of my gadgets and posted it online essentially taking an inventory of all the tech stuff I had. Here's the link to my post. Below is a picture.

On New Years Eve last year (Dec 31, 2012), I wanted to post again. But obviously I forgot, so I'm posting it now. It's been nine months since and i didn't add or buy any new gadgets so below is the updated list.

What's the same:

1. The Macbook is still there it's now 6 years old. I still use it to surf the internet.
2. The 2nd generation iPod touch is still there. I can no longer upgrade the OS but it's still good to the ears. The memory is full to capacity though.
3. Canon S2 IS - I think the lates version of this is the S12. It's actually not in the picture since I used it for this particular picture. It's still a good camera but it's a bit too big to bring around. A smart phone now easily replaces this during travels.
4. I still have my Sun Broadband stick but I let go of my Smart. Sun proved to be more reliable but it's still quite slow at times.


5. Compaq laptop (now HP Mini) - this was actually replaced by my office then late that year. So I used the laptop for only a few months. The replacement is a HP Mini which is in the picture above. The hard drive was replaced twice but its good to go. So my work laptop is now 4 years old. After having the last hard drive replaced I haven't had any problems - maybe 2 years + now. The HP hard drives sucked, 1st time was under warranty and the 2nd time I used a different brand hard drive.
6. X-Mini replaced my woof mini speaker. I hardly use the speakers though.
7. I got a dual SIM Nokia brick phone. My Nokia N5000 died within 3 years and I gave up my Smart line.


Because in 2009 smart phone wasn't prevalent yet and wifi wasn't that important, I didn't need some of these. Obviously now it's quite important.

8. TP link wifi routers - I actually have 3 routers, a Sapido router which I keep in the car, a TP link router for the home and another mobile router which I can bring around. The other TP link router has a battery so I can carry it around. I just need my broadband stick and I'm always connected. My smart phone made it a necessity to have a router everywhere.
9. Two external hard drives - I bought these because my laptop's hard drive died on me 2x. I learned my lesson. Now I have one for the Mac and the other for the PC.
10. The most valuable new addition is my Samsung Note 1. It took me some time to purchase the Note because I waited for the prices to go down. Note 2 came immediately after and now Note 3 is upon us. I don't like replacing gadgets as you can see, so while I'm not really that happy with my Note it's got to do. I'll only replace it if it dies on me.

I bought the Note May last year and it's been an important part of my lifestyle - answering emails and being connected to SNS. So having a mobile device of some sort has become somewhat of a necessity now.

If resources permits, I'll probably get an iPad four for my work. Hopefully these gadgets last me a few more years.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Shawarma Noodles

Bloggers note: This post is part of a proposal for Excellent Noodles. This will be content for the proposed flanker site which is all about noodles.

I came across this stall a few months back in the supermarket section of SM Calamba. All stalls seemed to offer the regular rice meals and food stuff but this stall caught my attention - shawarma!! What used to be in every street corner in Manila is now a bit harder to find so this stall offers something different. What was more surprising was that it offered Shawarma Noodles! Being a country of rice lovers I understand why the stall would offer rice bowls but noodles!?
Shawarma Noodles

You have a choice of having it with or without egg and I ordered it minus the egg which was P10 cheaper.

They ask you if you want to have hot sauce which is a mayo based dressing. This adds more flavor to the dish. Although they call it hot sauce it's really not that spicy.

Overall for P59 it's filling and very tasty. I can't quite call it excellent noodles but it's quite good. In fact I've been quite a regular. I'll probably add the egg next time to see if it's worth the extra P10.

There's another unique Filipinized noodle dish for you - Shawarma Noodles!

That's it pancit!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sun Broadband

Update Aug. 14, 2014 - since about May 2013, the signal got frustratingly low again after a computer glitch last Friday Aug. 7 cut my line where I had to go to the Sun Shop to have it connected. I didn't have connection for around 24 hours Aug. 7, around 4pm to Aug. 8, 3pm.

Yesterday Aug. 13, I tweeted @suncelltweets again and asked for a lot of info...I wish they just kept a record of my I suggested below.


I'm writing this post so I can place some details which @suncelltweets asks every time I complain about their service.

As a backgrounder, I was one of the first subscribers of Sun Broadband when they started on 2009. While it's not exactly blazing fast it was more reliable than Smart and Globe at that time. Since I had access to all 3 of them with only Sun being the postpaid account, I was able to compare which had the best service. I was quite happy with the service, it was somewhat fast and reliable UNTIL last December where it was really slow at times. I'd constantly complain and mention it to their Twitter account and they would always ask for the same details. So, I decided to post some details here so I can just give them a link.

I usually use your service here in Barangay Lamesa, Calamba, Laguna
      The roads above is where I live just right beside the white building on the low, middle part of the picture.

Sometimes (most of the time) I don't see the signal bar indicator since the dongle is connected to the 3g wifi device.

The USB Stick model is ZTE MF190 - when I complain about the signal the light is usually blinking green which means it's working.

The OS I usually use is Windows 7 (most of the time), IOS (old Macbook circa 2007) and Android - as mentioned earlier the stick is usually connected to a wifi modem.

Site frequently visited: Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, Google, Yahoo

I complained about the service last May 2, 2013 at around 6:30pm (placing this as a matter of record)

Here is my humble suggestion:

Place my Twitter handle in a database and connect it to my account. This will make both of our jobs easier so you can track every time I make a complaint. You will no longer need to ask for my details and you will now know how often your signal bogs down in my area.

I hope you follow my suggestion.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Infographic: 2013 SEM Landscape

I am a firm believer in SEO and SEM. I don't think local marketing people consider SEO very important but this infographic seems to show that there are a lot of big business into SEO worldwide.

2013 SEM Landscape

2013 SEM Landscape infographic