Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Infographic: Premature Scaling

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Shawarma Noodles

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I came across this stall a few months back in the supermarket section of SM Calamba. All stalls seemed to offer the regular rice meals and food stuff but this stall caught my attention - shawarma!! What used to be in every street corner in Manila is now a bit harder to find so this stall offers something different. What was more surprising was that it offered Shawarma Noodles! Being a country of rice lovers I understand why the stall would offer rice bowls but noodles!?
Shawarma Noodles

You have a choice of having it with or without egg and I ordered it minus the egg which was P10 cheaper.

They ask you if you want to have hot sauce which is a mayo based dressing. This adds more flavor to the dish. Although they call it hot sauce it's really not that spicy.

Overall for P59 it's filling and very tasty. I can't quite call it excellent noodles but it's quite good. In fact I've been quite a regular. I'll probably add the egg next time to see if it's worth the extra P10.

There's another unique Filipinized noodle dish for you - Shawarma Noodles!

That's it pancit!