Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interests and Blogging

It took me quite a long time to start my blog and I'm having a difficult time sustaining it simply because I really don't know what ti write about. I started out writing about online stuff but I am not sure I can sustain it. But its really interesting to see how bloggers have influenced the marketing world. They are now a force to reckon with and big brands really give a lot of effort to woo these bloggers. I am just not exactly sure how to position my blog to be part of that influential group that marketers would want to invite to their events. It seems that as a blogger you really have to choose a topic which you are passionate about or at the very least interested in. In my case, I'm a generalist I kinda like doing a lot of things but I'm not really into one thing that I'm passionate about.

Topics that I've considered blogging about:
1. Diving - but I don't dive enough to be considered a hard core diver
2. Travelling - same as above, but given a chance I'd love too
3. Girls and dating - as above not enough experience but I think I could do a good job
4. Online marketing - soon, but not just yet
5. Tipid Tips - this has potential because I'm a mizer...
6. Photography - I can do something like photography for the non-committed

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The first entry

Being in the digital marketing industry I need to expose myself and use the tools we use for our clients. As such, I am now officially starting my blog. I actually set-up this blog late 2008, I think it was either November or December when I set this up and it is only now that I am actually putting something on it.

I have actually tried several times to start this blog but I never had the guts to actually post. It was only through the prompting of our SEO guru Raymond that I actually start this. In fact, the whole team should each have a blog. We are 5 in the team and I think 2 out of the 5 have their own blog. These blog would eventually play a vital role in helping our SEO efforts for our clients.

We usually analyze our clients online presence before we go for a first meeting. I guess it might be good to start with that as my first blog. An online and gadget audit for myself since these are somewhat related.

My online presence:

1. Email audit (pseudo emails not included)
- 2 yahoo emails (checked everyday since one is my messenger)
- 1 gmail (checked about every other day)
- 1 hotmail (has a messenger account but not used)
- 2 work emails

2. Social Networking Sites
- Facebook
- Friendster
- Multiply
- Twitter (newbie)

3. Blogs
- Multiply (rarely post)
- Blogspot (1st post)

4. Most Visited Sites
- yahoo - for NBA Fantasy
- Gameface - UAAP Season
- MTC - for you know what
- local newpaper sites occasionally
- iTunes/Limewire

1. Laptop (personal and office)
2. Mobile phones (Smart and Globe)
3. iTouch
4. Digicam