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We may have eyes but do we really see the beauty of our world?

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Inforgraphic: The Importance of a Facebook Fan Base

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The Importance Of A Fan Base
Source: The Importance Of A Fan Base Infographic

Facts and Stats To Tweet:

  1. 64% of Twitter users say they are more likely to buy from the brands they follow. »tweet«
  2. 51% of Facebook users say they are more likely to buy from the brands they follow. »tweet«
  3. 81% of Facebook fans said they feel connection/empathy with a particular brand. Only 39% of non-fans said they did. »tweet«
  4. 87% of Facebook fans said they are satisfied with a particular brand. Only 49% of non-fans said they did.»tweet«
  5. 38% of respondents reported that they would likely become a fan of a brand on Facebook if they saw a family member or close friend do so. »tweet«
  6. 50% of small business owners reported gaining new customers through social media – most notably through Facebook and LinkedIn. »tweet«


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 things you probably did not know about Sesame Street.

This was posted by a friend on Facebook but he didn't acknowledge the source.

10. Sesame Street Was Once Sued For $5.5 Million Over Their "Let It Be" Parody "Letter B" 
They weren't sued by The Beatles, but by Michael Jackson's music library that had bought the rights to the song. The case was eventually settled for $500.

9. Cookie Monster's Real Name Is Sid
He revealed it in 2004.

8. "Sing A Song" Was Originally Going To Be The Show's Theme Song
Before they settled on "Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street" theme.

7. Roosevelt Franklin Was A Popular Early Character, But Was Discontinued
Some felt he was a negative African-American stereotype.

6. The South African Version Of Sesame Street Has An HIV-Positive Muppet Named Kami
The American version of the show considered having one as well, but as of now has not done so.

5. Big Bird is 8'2" Tall
Or 7 inches taller than the tallest NBA player in history (George Mureşan and Manute Bol were each 7'7").

4. James Earl Jones Was The First Celebrity Guest On Sesame Street
He simply counted and said the alphabet.

3. Elmo Is The Only Puppet To Testify Before Congress
He testified before the Education Appropriations Subcommittee in 2002 to argue for more funding for music research and musical instruments for school programs.

2. Kermit The Frog Was On Sesame Street For Many Years
Many people forget that before The Muppet Show, Kermit was one of the main players on Sesame Street.

1. Oscar The Grouch Was Orange In Season One
But the color was changed to green because the early cameras couldn't capture the color correctly.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Infographic: Amazon the Hulking Giant

Because it wasn't into gadgets I felt Amazon was under the radar but it seem to be doing very well. Based on this Kindle Fire is expected to double the launch of the iPad.

FathomingAmazon 520x4355 Amazon The Hulking Giant [Infographic]


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Twitter 2011 Trends

Infographic: Tumblr by the Numbers

Tumblr is experiencing growth, I see how other publishers use the platform but I have yet to see some brands go into it. I'm wondering now where it will find its position in the world of social networks. The Philippines again is in the top ten users with about 2% of a total of 33M users.

Monday, December 5, 2011

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Entertaining Door-to-door Salesman

This man is going to be a superstar. Entrepreneurs take note.

“What are you selling?” “Personality. But this product sells itself.”
It’s almost hard to believe this is real. Quite literally the most eloquent, charming and entertaining salesman I’ve ever seen.
Why’s he doing door to door sales? “Because Tony Robbins said 2 years of door to door selling is equivalent of 4 years of college communication when you interact with different people.”
Entrepreneurs, take note.