Monday, May 13, 2013

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Infographic: How to Never Give Up as an Entrepreneur

I'm tethering on the brink of giving I decided to post this. I found this via Facebook.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sun Broadband

Update Aug. 14, 2014 - since about May 2013, the signal got frustratingly low again after a computer glitch last Friday Aug. 7 cut my line where I had to go to the Sun Shop to have it connected. I didn't have connection for around 24 hours Aug. 7, around 4pm to Aug. 8, 3pm.

Yesterday Aug. 13, I tweeted @suncelltweets again and asked for a lot of info...I wish they just kept a record of my I suggested below.


I'm writing this post so I can place some details which @suncelltweets asks every time I complain about their service.

As a backgrounder, I was one of the first subscribers of Sun Broadband when they started on 2009. While it's not exactly blazing fast it was more reliable than Smart and Globe at that time. Since I had access to all 3 of them with only Sun being the postpaid account, I was able to compare which had the best service. I was quite happy with the service, it was somewhat fast and reliable UNTIL last December where it was really slow at times. I'd constantly complain and mention it to their Twitter account and they would always ask for the same details. So, I decided to post some details here so I can just give them a link.

I usually use your service here in Barangay Lamesa, Calamba, Laguna
      The roads above is where I live just right beside the white building on the low, middle part of the picture.

Sometimes (most of the time) I don't see the signal bar indicator since the dongle is connected to the 3g wifi device.

The USB Stick model is ZTE MF190 - when I complain about the signal the light is usually blinking green which means it's working.

The OS I usually use is Windows 7 (most of the time), IOS (old Macbook circa 2007) and Android - as mentioned earlier the stick is usually connected to a wifi modem.

Site frequently visited: Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, Google, Yahoo

I complained about the service last May 2, 2013 at around 6:30pm (placing this as a matter of record)

Here is my humble suggestion:

Place my Twitter handle in a database and connect it to my account. This will make both of our jobs easier so you can track every time I make a complaint. You will no longer need to ask for my details and you will now know how often your signal bogs down in my area.

I hope you follow my suggestion.